Yes, you can still skate figures!

This site is a catalog of resources for skaters interested in compulsory and special figures and loops in ice and roller skating. It is rather US-centric, but international contributions are welcome. This site is a work in progress.

Getting Started (Link to come.)

How to get started with figures on ice or roller skates.

Or you can start by viewing the latest additions to the site, searching for what you want to find, or using the category headings below. If you have anything to add or spot any errors, get in touch using the contact form. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates!

Upcoming Events

Calendar of events, including workshops and competitions.

Skating Figures

General information about skating figures, including testing and competing.


What patch/figure skates and scribes are and where to get them.


Books, videos, and online groups to help you with your figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about figures and related topics, with answers.