Some resources for ice figures

These resources will help you learn how to skate figures. One day, I hope to create a more exhaustive database. This is a start.

Online groups and websites


This is not an exhaustive list of books. There are many, many older skating books that cover figures. This is a selection of some of the most current and relevant works and a few that have stood the test of time; a couple address English-style skating, which is related to figures but not quite the same thing. Bookfinder is a good place to find out-of-print books.

Videos and DVDs

  • Gloudeman, Emma. 2019. Video Figure Guide. Roseville, CA: self-published. Demonstrations of all the figures done on roller skates—including some that are not on the ISU schedule of compulsory figures for ice.
  • Kelly, Karen Courtland. 2009. Figure Eights: The Life Force of Figure Skating. Lake Placid: Peak Edge Performance, Inc. Also available for iPad: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Demonstrations of all the compulsory figures on the ISU schedule.
  • Miller, Diane and David Santee. 2016. Fundamentals of Figures. Cold Spring, MN: Professional Skaters Association.
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