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What is a scribe, and where do I get one?

A scribe is a giant compass that draws circles on the ice. You can use one to draw your circles before skating your figures or to check your work after you’ve done them. They’re no longer common in stores, but … Continue reading

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Blades for figures: Where to get them

Special blades designed specifically for figures are no longer made, but some stores still have old ones in stock. If your local skate shop has been around a while, it may be worth asking if they still have any. Here … Continue reading

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Blades for figures: Notes and specifications

Patch blades (blades that are designed specifically for figures) are not the same as freestyle blades. They lack the bottom toe pick and that they are sharpened to a much flatter radius of hollow. Both of these are modifications that … Continue reading

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Boots for figures on ice

Any old boots should work. The trick is that they need to be soft enough to let your ankle bend from side to side. New, stiff freestyle boots don’t allow this.  Back in the day, people used to use their … Continue reading

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Equipment for figures

You don’t have to have special skates for figures, but they can help you skate them better. It used to be that every ice skater had two pairs of skates, one for figures and the other for freestyle, and a … Continue reading

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