Blades for figures: Where to get them

Special blades designed specifically for figures are no longer made, but some stores still have old ones in stock. If your local skate shop has been around a while, it may be worth asking if they still have any. Here are some places that you can try. The models to look for include MK Silver Test, MK Gold Test, Wilson Figure, Wilson Comet Test, and Wilson Pattern 88.
  • People on the Compulsory Figures Project Facebook group may have blades they’re willing to part with
  • EBay occasionally has patch blades for sale
  • Midwest Skate Supply, Novi, MI, has lots of patch blades available to order online
  • Lake Placid Skate Shop, Lake Placid, NY, had some unused Comet Test blades available in 2015
  • Simply Skating Consignment, Wyomissing, PA, had a few pairs of patch blades in stock as of June, 2019; models include Silver and Comet Test
  • The Skater’s Edge WNY, Buffalo, NY, had about 10 pairs in stock as of February, 2019; models include Gold, Silver, and Comet Test and Pattern 88 in sizes 9, 9.25, 9.33, 9.5, 10.25, 10.5, 10.66, and 11 inches
  • The World Figure Sport Society, Lake Placid, NY, has many patch blades available
  • You can always have a pair made by asking your skate sharpener to remove the bottom toe pick from a pair of freestyle blades and giving them a patch sharpening
For general information on equipment, see the base post.
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