Testing & competing with the World Figure Sport Society

This organization runs the annual World Figure & Fancy Skating Championship & Festival as well as numerous workshops. Upcoming events that offer figures are included on this site’s calendar.

WFS exams differ from ISI and USFSA tests in that the figures do not have to be taken in any particular order. You can test any figure you like whenever you’re ready. Many special figures are available for examination; details are in the exam catalog (available with membership).

It’s impossible to fail WFS exams. Instead of being told you’ve passed or failed, you get a numerical score for each figure. The scores range from 1 to 6 and represent three levels of achievement: Encouraging (1–2), Competitive (3–4), and World Class (5–6). You can re-take an exam as many times as you like to earn the elusive 6—only one has been given as of this writing.

Exams and friendly competition are offered at the Figure Festival, during the workshops, and by arrangement in Lake Placid and a few other locations. If you are interested in taking an exam, contact the World Figure Sport Society to arrange it.

You can compete in the World Figure & Fancy Skating Championship or (if you’re under 21) in the World Junior Figure & Fancy Skating Championship. The figures for these events are selected and announced in advance. You can compete all the figures (16 for the Championship) or select individual figures. Less formal competition is offered at the Figure Festival and in the workshops scattered throughout the year.

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