Figures for ISI 2021 national competitions announced

The ISI has announced the figures for national competitions held in 2021. They’re listed on the ISI site and pasted below.

These are the figures that will be skated at the conferences the ISI designates as “national”—including ISI Worlds and ISI Adult Nationals. Local competitions often use these figures too, but are not required to. Check with the local organizing committee when entering non-national events.

Details on competing with the ISI are here.


Figure 1Forward Inside Eight
Figure 2Forward Outside Three to Center
Figure 3Right Forward Outside Three
Figure 4Forward Inside Loop
Figure 5Backward Outside Loop
Figure 6LFO One Foot Eight
Figure 7RFO Paragraph Three
Figure 8RFO Rocker
Figure 9RFO Paragraph Loop
Figure 10LFO Rocker Double Three
From the ISI site.

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